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Your waiting area? Your channel!

• Have your name take over your screens to reinforce your presence

• Get the perfect mix of content to improve your customers' waiting experience

• Gauge your customers' attention and positive attitude towards your messages

​• Relax! Our installation crew will be over before you remember to check on them

Reduce your cost to zero with a portion of third-party, non-compete advertising 

• Refer a friend and get discounts for advertising in the local screens indoor network





A wide array of great content keeps your customers looking twice and again to your local screens. This reduces their perceived wait time significantly, creating the perfect scenario to engage with them constantly. Ask us for a demo today!

Your local screens are placed to send attention towards your on-site content, so we made it nice and simple for you to take control, all at no cost. However, if you need any help with your content we'll assign one of our 'local heroes' to the task. Find out for how low

You get to keep your money with controlled advertising. In other words, we remove your competitors' ads from your local screens and transfer the cost to non-competitors. Get it on-site for free!

By the way, when we say 'local' we mean it! We're bringing the most relevant local content from the best local sources. News, weather, varieties and stocks will keep the audience looking forward for more. Let's get you on screen today! Powered by The Express-Times
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